Cheap Laser Machine For Fabric Cutting 130W

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What Is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is the process of using a laser to cut through the material. The laser is focused on the material, which causes it to heat up and break down. This can be done with various materials, including plastic, wood, metal, and fabric.

laser machine for fabric cutting

High Speed Garment Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Double Y-axis structure. Grande vitesse. Cutting speed up to 1200mm/s. For medium & small batch and various types of garment production, especially suitable for customized clothing. Conveyor working table, automatic feeder and over length nesting. With Photo Digitizer, Pattern Designer and Auto Marker software. Can be equipped with large format auto-recognition and projector system.

Laser machine for fabric cutting features:

1. Special worktable for soft materials, easy to transfer. Used with auto feeding frame, more efficient.

2CO2 laser fabric cutting machine, are mainly used to cut soft roll materials like fabric, leather, Jeans etc.

3.Widely applied in cloth, shoes craft gifts, souvenir, tombstone, advertising signs, and many other industries.

4.Machine working size can be selected according to your needs.

5.Customization is supported.

laser machine for fabric cutting

Advantages of fabric laser cutting machine

Recently, some customers are interested in ourfabric laser cutting machineand would like to order this type laser machine. Let's take a look at the advantages of fabric co2 laser cutting machine.

1. Compared with traditional fabric processing, fabric laser cutting machine is a high-tech product. Its laser source is co2 laser tube. Whether the processing speed or processing effect, it performs perfectly.

2. Ourfabric laser cutting machineis designed and developed according to the needs of customers. From the appearance and use of the machine, it meets the daily processing habits of customers.

3. The feeding system with machine provides convenience for the whole fabric roll cutting, and the processing speed and processing efficiency have been greatly improved.

4. The front of the machine has a material receiving function, and the cutting samples can be directly transported to the receiving bag.

5. The machine is equipped with single-head or double-head design, which provides people better choice.

6. In addition to processing fabrics, the machine can also process other non-metallic materials, such as leather, acrylic, paper, foam, etc.

7. We can accept customized models, our professional R&D team can design laser machines according to customers’ special needs. Then our factory will produce as the design. So you will get a suitable laser machine.

8. En tant que fabricant professionnel, le prix est raisonnable.

Choisissez Lasermen, c'est une bonne décision.

Machine laser pour le matériau d'application de coupe en tissu:

Applicable à toutes sortes de tissus en fibres chimiques, de tissus de coton, de tissus poly-ester, de tissus de soie, de tissus décoratifs, de tissus médicaux, de tissus étanches, de cuir, de cuir décoratif en cuir artificiel, de coton doux, de papier, de tapis et d'autres matériaux.

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