What Is A Fiber Laser Tube Cutter Used For?

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If you’re looking for afiber laser tube cutterthat can cut thin metal sheets up to 25/32″ , then the IGOLDENCNC is your fiber laser cutter. This fiber laser cutter has performed exceptionally well for businesses who want to cut thin metal quickly and accurately. The laser power of this laser machine can range between 1,000 watts and 4,000 watts. The price of this machine will vary depending on how much wattage you need for the operation of your business. This laser cut out machine can cut metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, and various other metals

fiber laser tube cutter

With the growth of demand in the sheet metal processing industry,sheetMachine de coupe laser en métalhas become the most popular processing method due to its flexible processing, high cutting efficiency and high precision. Laser cutting machine manufacturers are gradually increasing, and brand price competition is also fierce. Aujourd'hui,laser cuttersuse a concentrated, high-power laser beam to rapidly melt and vaporize metal surfaces for cutting.

The material is blown and melted by a high-velocity air stream coaxial with the beam, which initiates the method of thermal cutting of metal sheets. In metal processing, the main processing speed is fast, the cutting surface is smooth; there is no burr; the cutting accuracy is high, and there is no need for a second time-consuming process.

Laser cutting is truly amazing technology. It lies at the confluence of computers and the human touch. Its applications are already broad, but more will undoubtedly emerge as technology continues to improve.

fiber laser tube cutter

What Is a fiber laser tube cutter Used For?

Laser cutters can be used in various applications. They're most commonly employed for manufacturing tasks, but hobbyists, small businesses, schools and even hospitals use laser cutting tools for different purposes.

One of the top uses for laser cutters is cutting metal. Metal is a necessity in many different industries, so laser metal cutting is quite common. An example of this is when a company shapes a cellphone case or car body. Additionally, some professionals use laser cutters to cut reflective metals, which can be more difficult than cutting other types of materials.

Une autre utilisation notable pour la coupe laser se situe dans le secteur médical. La précision de la technique aide à former des dispositifs médicaux très avancés. Les médecins l'utilisent même en chirurgie pour vaporiser les tissus humains à la place d'un scalpel.

coupe-tube laser en fibre

Vous verrez souvent des coupeurs laser aider à marquer et à gravir des objets. Ce processus ajoute des conceptions complexes à un élément, augmentant sa valeur esthétique. Vous pouvez souvent voir des personnes employant des méthodes de gravure au laser et de marquage laser pour créer des bijoux et des panneaux en bois.

De plus, ceux des microélectroniques, des semi-conducteurs et des industries solaires utilisent des coupeurs laser pour couper le silicium. La nature précise de la coupe laser facilite la formation du silicium et produire des produits de silicium plus petits.